How to enlarge his Penis Soda - rules of application, the counter display

Can I enlarge Penis of the man with the baking powder – let's discuss?

For any man the size of his manhood is always a hot topic.

how to enlarge his Penis Soda

Also, despite the fact that the official medical statistics show that the majority of men Penis size is met, most of the representatives of the strong half of worry still on this topic.

In fact, the deviation is less than 9 inches is the length of the Penis in an excited state. Although this size is usually for men, the pathology of the sexual organs.

Small Penis is a pathology. Doctors recognize that, because of this condition in men, there are often problems with the conception of the child. In addition, when compared to other body proportions sexual organ of the man is, in fact, as a small, probably the reason in the delay of the development and growth of the organs of the sexual system.

This Problem should must be resolved, otherwise, apart from small Penis in men a lot of problems with the reproductive System. In such situations, men do not deal with the enlargement of the Penis, you undergo a comprehensive treatment that aims first and foremost to the elimination of the infertility.

How can you enlarge the Penis?

Today, there are a variety of ways to increase Penis size. Some men prefer a surgical procedure, the already after a short time, you can be satisfied with the result. Many use for this purpose vacuum-pumps or other devices, the gradual increase of the tail in the length.

The disadvantage of such Tools is to achieve a result, you can no less than half a year, and the length is only 2-3 centimeters. This vacuum-therapy or wear a special device for the Penis that you need every day.

Some men turn to the techniques. Such methods are the least dangerous and traumatic, especially since the therapy involves the application of natural components or normal means, the we daily.

For such a process, of baking powder. This Tool is safe because is a simple and known composition. It will also be used in food, as well as for the elimination of various diseases.

How to enlarge his Penis soda at home?

Soda has a large number of useful properties, but because they are active in the cooking, the cleaning, in the treatment of certain diseases.

  • For example, women often use baking soda as a cure for thrush.
  • However, the men is more interested in another question.

According to the experts, penis enlargement Soda – the safest and easiest way to improve Penis sizes. In addition, this method is absolutely every representative of a strong half. Today, there are several methods in which Soda helps to achieve results:

The Bathroom

  1. For the preparation of the procedure, you need to dissolve a teaspoon of powder in a glass of warm water.
  2. Depending on the size of the tubs or basins are used for the procedure, the volume of the solution of the main object can be increased, to take note of the proportions.
  3. The resulting solution is poured into the tub, and then there the Penis.
Soda for penis enlargement

Keep sex organ in a solution of Soda must have been fifteen minutes. It is recommended that the bath about an hour before the sexual intercourse. Many men notice after the procedure improves the elasticity of the Penis and also a increase in size.


This method is very effective, but use it carefully.

  1. The method consists in the fact that it is necessary to wet the tail with warm water and then apply on its surface a little powder.
  2. Thereafter, the Soda is massaged into the skin. It should be very careful, because the particles of Soda can easily damage the sensitive skin of the Penis, so that it wounds and scratches, which cause pain and burning.

The scrub works because of the strong rush of blood, which by rubbing Soda. In the result literally in a few minutes, the man can determine, the appearance of erections and enlargement of the Penis in the size.

This method is not all, since some of the men celebrated in irritation to the skin of the Penis.

Soda Scrub and a honey

This is another simple method.

  1. You just have to mix the powder and honey in equal quantities.
  2. Then apply the mixture evenly on gender, body, massaged him.
  3. Further, it is desirable to leave a healing composition to the skin of the Penis, for a while, until it was absorbed.

After that, sex organ, rinsed thoroughly under warm water.

Many men notice that during the daily use of the procedure sexual organ is actually growing.

In addition, honey of many nutrients, and also has a tight and disinfectant effect, and therefore, if it is to destroy any diseases on the skin or in the inner tissues, helps the honey to the infection.


This method is pretty simple.

  1. For starters, prepare a solution of water and Soda.
  2. The proportions are the same as for the baths: a teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda and a glass of warm water.
  3. Then in the resulting solution a good Bandage of gauze or a Bandage moistened and apply it to the sexual Organ.

Not recommended procedure, if a member is in a state of arousal. Or in this case, applied a bandage in the area of the head.

The skin on this part of the Penis is too delicate, it is very easy to damage, also sodium hydroxide solution. This factor should be taken into account and the implementation of other process with Soda ash. Keep the Lotion on a sexual Organ do not need more than twenty minutes.

how to enlarge Penis

Baking soda and vegetable oil

There is yet another simple recipe. Tail, vegetable oil and oiled the entire length, and then apply a little Soda. Thereafter, the powder gently with circular movements rubbed into the surface of the skin. To do the most important thing is to be very careful not to damage the mucous membranes of the Penis.

  1. A few of the men recommend as a Supplement to other methods with milk drink soda.
  2. This method helps to strengthen the body as a whole, to protect it from various infections and diseases, but also support the growth of the Penis.

Soda increases the blood supply to the tissues of the Penis, causing cavernous bodies of the Penis fill more with blood, and a member, respectively, more increases in size during erection. However, in the majority of cases of Soda for a member is only a temporary effect.

Such methods you can use immediately before intercourse. In some cases, men have noted that in the course of time, through regular procedures, the tail is slightly larger.

Contraindications to the use of bicarbonate of soda

Even Soda has no contraindications to its use, especially for the outdoor area. Therefore, you can not apply previously to the urologists.

  1. We must bear in mind that the skin of the Penis, and especially the area of the head in the autumn delicate and thin, and there is a great probability to damage even the smallest of crystals of soda.
  2. To destroy one of the procedure first of all, you must be sure to wash your hands with soap and water, all of the pathogenic micro-flora.

Special attention should be paid to the shelf life of baking powder. Not recommended to the dosage increase, or you can use the compress, bath, or scrub for too long, this can easily lead to the skin irritation.

You should not expect that immediately after a couple of treatments with Soda, the result is visible, and the tail a couple of inches to grow. Most men will notice that the results start to appear after two months of daily use Soda. In some cases, it may be, is the effect only after four months of regular practice of these procedures.

Contra-indications to application

The only contraindication for the use of baking powder is an individual intolerance.

If a man is allergic to baking powder, then he would have to find a different method.

Some representatives of the strong half of very delicate skin that does not allow it with food sodium.

Usually, such men, there is a strong Stimulation in the groin area, and sometimes even pain and burning. In the case of such symptoms, you must immediately cease using the therapy.

Before the beginning of the enlargement of the Penis, you should consider whether it is necessary. Sometimes men start to worry because of the size of the Penis, but in reality do not experience any difficulty in sexual life.

How do you check the sensitivity of the skin to the Soda?

That men do not consider an unpleasant irritation on the skin of the Penis, in advance, how sensitive the skin on this component.

You have to get a little Paste out of baking powder. This happens very easy to do, take a pinch of baking soda and add a few drops of water. Then a thick Paste, apply on a small area of the skin of the Penis. If you are twenty minutes later, at the site of Soda, no redness, skin rash, scratching or all the recipes containing baking soda can burn.

The combination of the Soda with other medicines

Sometimes steps are used to mitigate the Soda additional substances.

  1. For example, many men of different creams prefer. This is the normal cream to fat-based, or special funds for the enlargement of the Penis.
  2. A little cream mixed with a small amount of Soda, and then gently into the skin sex organ massaged. The presence of cream in the mix makes the effect of gently and neatly.

The main thing here – to have a cream that does not cause allergies and irritation.

Often Soda is inside with the addition of other components. For example, you can add a pinch of baking powder in honey with nuts. This medium is not only the results of to consolidate other procedures, but also have a positive effect on potency. Yes and in General, the body is more resistant to external influences, it gives additional strength and energy.

Baths, wraps and scrubs with Soda, as an additional agent in the drug therapy of erectile dysfunction, or if a temporary interruption of erection, caused by Stress, overwork, or other problems, nothing to do with the sexual System.