Means to increase potency in men

Potency Problem, everything, without exception, men. The reduction or disappearance of potency does not always occur only in old age, and often a serious Problem of the young man. We try together to understand the causes of the reduction of the erection and how it Recovery.

Often, we begin the own health, only the first symptoms of the problem notice, and absolutely no attention is paid to the preventive measures. The rhythm of the big city provides a lot of mental effort, constant Stress, fatigue, lack of sleep and lack of exercise. All of these factors are able to influence the quality of the Sex and the Libido to lower.

To avoid problems in the sexual area, try not to overwork at work, innocens an excessive burden of obligations. The weekend, you try to devote absolutely enough sleep, at least once a week, go Hiking and on time you abandon the Computer. Electromagnetic radiation, static posture in front of the Monitor, promote the development of the male force. Nicotine and alcohol are the most important friends of the weak erection. An Experiment — give up on cigarettes and alcohol for a month. The result will be satisfied and you and your partner.

Simple secrets work wonders

Simple secrets work wonders

Steam bath, Sauna, or steam bath — here are the pleasant way to improve your erection. You can visit the Sauna a few times per week, use branches of birch. High temperatures improve blood circulation and have a common Wellness effect. A good result is also contrast a bath or shower-rich before going to sleep. For the beginning of the temperature difference should be small and comfortable for the body.

In the future this number should increase to a maximum. Alternate hot and cold water 8-10 times for a recording. Such a procedure is good for the vessels, trains and improves the flow of blood to the organs. Still, you can use the method of Chinese healers. To do this, take a few pieces of ice, wrap in a cloth and apply them alternately to the base of the skull, in the area of the heart and the scrotum. Do not keep longer than a Minute in each Zone.

Food, the potency increase

Among the sweets is a leader in the honey as the strongest natural aphrodisiac. If to this you add nuts (hazelnuts, peanuts or walnuts) — get the most powerful medium for a excellent erection. You take this delicacy, you should go to a tablespoon 3 hours before bedtime. The result manifests a week after the start of ingestion.

Male power is capable to increase any kind of meat. But it is important not to overdo it, not the heavy meat to eat, eat in the night. The meat can be replaced by a fish. Particularly good flounder and mackerel. The fish is better not to fry in the pan in Butter and bake in foil or cooking in a few. An excellent side dish can be vegetables, mushrooms, all green.

Spring and summer is the perfect time for salads from the leaves of the dandelion. Dandelion increases the potency perfectly, but add a salad not more than three or four sheets should, because the bitterness can ruin the taste of food.

All of the known specialities from the sea — clams, shrimp and crabs — also a great impact on the improvement of the potency. The onion and the usual garlic — the best companion to a good erection. You can eat in any Form and in any quantity.

It is a recipe is a panacea for men. One kilogram of peeled and finely chopped garlic, pour in three-Liter glass jar and pour the brim banks of boiled water. The mixture infuse for months, periodically shaking. Take the Infusion of one teaspoon daily with a glass of milk. Not take, while the Bank is empty. Such a procedure rejuvenates the body, cleanses the blood vessels and prolongs life.

What should be abandoned? Fast Food, sausage, sausages, pasta, potatoes — these "empty" products that are not in a permanent of your diet. Energy Drinks and coffee give short-term charge, but for continuous use potency will be reduced. The bread is best to buy, rye or bran. Curvy white bread rolls can clog the blood vessels, reducing their permeability.

Special exercises

Special exercises

You can learn at home, with a Minimum of time and no material resources, are ideal for the improvement of potency in the home to busy people.

"Keep The Stone". The main position — standing straight, hands on the belt. Slightly bend the knees and strong margins and again you can relax your buttocks muscles several times, as wool, the trapped stone between them. Stretch, relax and repeat five times.

"The Bridge". For the starting position on the back of the knee in the bent Position, feet, hands along the body drag on the floor. Keep the back level, raise and lower the pelvis.

"Incessu". His walk through the room, as the knee, tried to touch the belly and for a second, you keep the feet in this Position.

"Jump rope". Standing, hands on belt. You start running on the spot, from the ground, only the heel, the socks get to stay stationary. They lead vigorous, quickly bending and straightening the knee. You start with a Minute.

Herbs, the potency increase

Recipes of herbalists impotence very many, here are some of the easiest and most reliable.

Forest-Anemone, the plant is poisonous, so it should be consumed with caution, strictly according to the dosage. 1 tablespoon of the stems and leaves pour 0.5 liters of boiled water and insist 1 hour. You use a quarter Cup twice a day.

Onion increases Libido, increases the activity of the testicles, increases the volume of production of sperm cells in the body. Consumed by the lamps in the fresh kind can be, as well as an Infusion. Two medium-sized onions and chop them, pour 400 ml of warm water, leave for 4 h, 0.1 Liter of drink three times a day.

Snowdrop Voronov use impotence, on the ground of Stress and nervous exhaustion. 1 tablespoon dried inflorescences and leaves pour a glass of boiling water, leave for an hour, drain. Drink 0.3 Cup three times a day.

A radio message pink. Be used only the roots. The rhizomes insist on vodka At a part of the roots of the five parts of vodka. You leave for two weeks. You drink 15 drops three times a day for 15-25 minutes before eating.

Pulmonaria officinalis. 10 G of dry grass pour a glass of boiled water, insist 1 hour. Through cheesecloth or a sieve. Take before meals for 1 tablespoon three times per day. The grass instead of the spices soups and salads.


Pills to improve the potency

On the one hand the use of pills is convenient enough. Immediate effect, physiological addiction, no side-effects at least. Drugs act specifically on the Penis for a short time, it brings in the condition of full combat readiness. However, there are a number of psychological problems. Later, even good Sex without approved tablets often not a man, but the failed attempts only strengthen the belief in his own powerlessness.

Very often problems with potency occur as a consequence of the hormonal imbalance in the body. Enough to see a doctor, to make analysis of hormones and start taking the necessary medication to get rid of these unpleasant problems like impotence.