Vacuum pump for the penis

Many men, looking for an effective way to enlarge the penis, use a special pump in 90% of cases, which can be ordered on the Internet or in an intimate goods store. Reviews of men's heels are either completely negative or enthusiastic. How to understand if it is worth going through a very traumatic path to increase male dignity?

Hand pump for penis enlargement

How the pump works, who should buy it, how it affects the body and what doctors and consumers say about this method, we will tell further.

How the pump is used: the principle of operation

First of all, it is worth saying what a vacuum pump is for and what the principle of its operation is. The device is a special device with a transparent piston and an air pump, which creates a vacuum. The bottle is placed directly on the genitals and then all the air is pumped out from there. Thus, blood enters the genitals, but there is no outflow, causing the penis to enlarge.

It is worth noting that with such a device you can achieve an erection that lasts half an hour.

The men's vacuum pump has mixed reviews. But the doctors' reviews are radical: none of the specialists welcome this type of method, since it is quite traumatic. In addition, through inappropriate use or overdoing it over time, you can actually cause muscle atrophy. Therefore, you must first find out what types there are.

Pump types: what options are there

The supply market is teeming with a variety of pump models. And this is due to the fact that the vacuum pump for men has positive reviews from consumers, and many men are looking for this device, so to this day demand has not decreased. In connection with such hype, manufacturers offer representatives of the stronger sex the following types of this device:

  • Manual option. Such a pump is the cheapest on the market for similar products, since the action is done by hand. That is, the man independently pumps the pump to create a vacuum. This is quite an energy intensive process, so we came up with the following form;
  • Electric option. In this case, the model is equipped with an electric pump. That means you don't have to download it yourself. These pumps have knobs that allow you to adjust the intensity of the vacuum. However, it is worth noting that this option is much more expensive than the first, although it is much more convenient to use.
  • water option. A fairly new and not fully user-tested version. According to the manufacturers, this type of pump is not traumatic. In addition, the possibility of the formation of skin cracks or edema is excluded.
with a penis pump

Penis Enlargement Pump Consumer Reviews and Use

It is worth noting that if you do not follow all the recommendations, the risk of injury is quite small. And you are:

  • First you need to shave the hair in the groin area. This is necessary so that the hair does not cause discomfort when creating a vacuum.
  • Be sure to apply lube to the penis. Otherwise, skin cracks and edema cannot be avoided.
  • The organ must be placed firmly in the bottle to create a vacuum effect. It should be pressed and secured as much as possible;
  • The last step is to turn on the pump or pump yourself.

The pump for penis enlargement reviews about the size is more than rosy. Some men write that with regular training the penis increases by 5-7 cm, and with special - by 10-12 cm.

Using a pump: benefits and harms

Despite the fact that the pump for penis enlargement has such chic reviews, you should first of all take care of your physical health. We note immediately for whom this method of penis enlargement is not suitable:

  • If there are infectious diseases of the genitourinary system. In this case, you should first get rid of the disease, and then start such training. However, it is worth noting that such an enlargement of the penis with prostatitis is not worth it.
  • Any rash, any damage to the skin of the penis should discourage a man from exercising;
  • Again, we heal first - then we apply the pump;
  • It is strictly forbidden to use the device for people with a blood disease, as well as a hernia.
  • The deformation of the penis (curvature) does not allow for quality training. It will not be useful and painful at the same time, so initially you should not spend money on buying a pump.

And now we describe what advantages the pump has:

  • The device helps to achieve an erection when such problems arise;
  • The member really increases over a period of time. The penis enlargement pump has different reviews about the speed of penis growth: someone gets the result after the second use, someone has to wait a week to see the first effect;
  • The pump as a method of penis enlargement is the most effective and inexpensive compared to other methods (surgery, aesthetic plastic surgery).
Types of penis enlargement pumps

Such training, if used skillfully, will help restore sexual function. Reviews from men say that the act lasts longer, the genital muscle becomes stiffer and smoother.

What harm is a pump:

  • If the pump is not properly adjusted, penis swelling can occur. Petechiae (red or purple spots on the penis) are also common;
  • damage to the skin. Everything is not clear here either. If used correctly, it does not hurt, however, the pump for penis enlargement also has negative reviews. "Beginners" complain that after using the device, skin irritation occurs and sometimes the foreskin breaks (cracks);
  • Decreased strength of ejaculation. This is a temporary condition, but it causes a lot of discomfort to men. To prevent this, you can buy a pump with a clamping ring.

In order for the pump to have a positive effect, you must learn to use it correctly. You should strictly follow the instructions and not overdo it with the number of workouts. It is permissible to manipulate for 15-20 minutes twice a day. Yes, the pump is sexually arousing, which is why many people like to use this method several times a day. Be that as it may, it is not good to create frequent stagnation of blood in the organ, so it is worth using this method in a dosed manner.