Vacuum pump for penis enlargement - selection and application

One non-surgical method of penis enlargement is stretching. A vacuum penis pump is an option. Provides a better oxygen supply to the tissue, breaks up stagnation. Useful quality - eliminates sexual dysfunction. This saturates the sex life with glowing, long lasting orgasms.

Types of vacuum pumps for penis enlargement

What is a pump used for?

Modern vacuum devices for the penis are compact, light, made of high-quality materials: silicone, thermoplastic, latex. They increase organ volume without a relative health risk.

Useful properties of a vacuum pump:

  • Activation of blood supply - saturation of the penis with oxygen, nutrients;
  • improved lymph circulation;
  • Restoration of sexual function - long-term maintenance of the emerging erection;
  • Accelerating tissue regeneration gives the penis more elasticity.

Improving erectile function increases a man's self-esteem, self-confidence. A significant acceleration in tissue regeneration makes the penis more elastic. Vacuum massage brings additional stimulation.

Increasing the sensitivity of the nerve endings leads to more vivid sexual sensations.

Vacuum pumps for women improve blood circulation, increase the sensitivity of the genitals.

How does the pump work?

Using the device extends the erection time up to 30 minutes. The set of the device includes:

  • transparent light bulb - worn directly on the penis;
  • Air pump - creates a vacuum layer;
  • Sealing nozzle - absolutely impermeable, resistant to external influences.
the principle of the vacuum pump for penis enlargement

Pumping air completely increases blood flow to the genitals. The result is penis enlargement.

New design vacuum pumps are also equipped with a pressure gauge. It helps control the process by significantly reducing the pain.

An erection is caused by the blood filling the erectile tissue, veins, and capillaries. The vacuum creates a pressure drop that increases the volume of the chamber cavity.

When buying a device, special attention is paid to the light bulb: its parameters should be larger than the size of the erect penis.

Medical indications

Why use a pump in andrology:

  • Massage - stretching the erectile tissue improves blood circulation, increases elasticity, eliminates erectile dysfunction. Prevention of sexual dysfunction;
  • Penis enlargement is an auxiliary method of resizing;
  • Straightening of the penis - with congenital or acquired curvatures, when the deviation from the horizontal is less than 45. located0;
  • Eliminating premature ejaculation - the problem is solved by squeezing rings worn on the erect penis. Included in the kit;
  • positive erection - achieving sufficient swelling of the head in patients with phallo prostheses. Perfectly complements your own erection.

A vacuum massager is used during the recovery period after urological surgery.

Aesthetic correction

Vacuuming plastic for a man is a great opportunity to gain confidence. It eliminates abnormalities in the structure of the penis that cause discomfort. Aesthetic correction:

  • increases the length;
  • eliminates deformations;
  • improves erection.

The new look of the genitals without surgery will give a man a determination. The intimate life becomes permanent. Sexual contact becomes lively and sustainable. Both partners are satisfied with this.

Types of pumps

The air is evacuated in two ways:

  • manual - the man himself creates a vacuum space by repeatedly squeezing the bulb;
  • electric pump - the pump runs on batteries. The improved models are equipped with a suction regulator.

The penis is enlarged with a water-based vacuum device - a hydraulic pump. This method increases the effectiveness of the technique and reduces the risk of injury.

The maximally discharged vacuum environment sucks in blood, which flows through the veins, arteries, and capillaries that penetrate the penis. At the same time, low-elastic vessels are straightened. This leads to a significant increase in size. The pump massage allows you to lengthen the penis several times.

Pumps for men: which one to choose

The intimate goods market offers various ways to increase the volume of the genitals. Differences in size, material, price. The choice is determined by convenience, simplicity and compactness. Before buying, carefully read the technical specifications and read the instructions for use.

How to choose a pump for penis enlargement
  • A simple water-based device that has passed diagnostic tests throughout the production process. High quality materials used: silicone - safe for the skin; Stainless steel; high strength carbonate. A painless, pleasant product, easy to use. Provides a guaranteed result after 2 weeks of use.
  • A device with a wide plastic bottle 22 * 7 cm. All parts of the structure are equipped with reliable connections. The vacuum pump is easy to assemble. The pressure generated instantly enlarges the penis three times.
  • Lever massager for creating a vacuum. Regular activities: lengthen the penis; bring new sexual sensations.
  • Pump with silicone bottle. The bulb, which lies well in the hand, guarantees a high level of evacuation. The stimulant increases the volume of the penis by stretching the tissues through massage. Use: before sexual intercourse - the achieved erection is secured with a ring; systematic - the manufacturer guarantees an increase in the phallus by a maximum of 50 mm.
  • An effective set with additional attachments and a vibrator. Made of thermoplastic elastomer. In order to reduce the pressure on the pump, a valve is installed which is triggered by the simple push of a button.

Vacuum pumps for female genital stimulation have a slightly different design. The use of a male device is not permitted.

How to apply correctly

Before using the device for the first time, treat it with soapy water. Wipe the inside surface with an antiseptic.

Step-by-step instructions:

  • apply an emollient cream to the skin of the penis;
  • grease the inlet of the device with petroleum jelly;
  • insert an element into the bottle;
  • firmly press the pump to the body;
  • Hold the vacuum cylinder in place with one hand and press down on the lightbulb with the other.

After 15 seconds the penis is filled with blood and becomes erect. His hyperemia is noted - this is normal. After 30 seconds, start breathing: the penis takes on a natural look.

  • The best time to enlarge with a vacuum pump is before bed.
  • Manipulations are carried out 10 times with an interval of 5 minutes.
  • The performance is increased by compressing the erect organ at the base. A positive dynamic is observed after a month of daily pumping.

The principle of using massage equipment with a hydraulic pump:

  • immerse the body in a warm bath for 5 minutes;
  • lower the pump into the water;
  • put a member in a bottle (without lubrication);
  • Press down on the device, pinch the hole with your finger;
  • create a vacuum with a hydraulic pump;
  • After 5 minutes, fix the state of erection by placing a ring on the base of the phallus.
  • remove the piston.

Insufficient effect of the pump on the penis is compensated for by other methods of enlargement. These are massage, jelqing, drug therapy, surgical correction.

How to make a pump at home

Men with skill and patience can make the device themselves. It is necessary to prepare materials:

  • a clear cylindrical container - serves as a bottle. When choosing, consider the size of the penis.
  • hose - plastic or rubber;
  • a pear - part of a medical tonometer will do. Can be replaced by a conventional syringe with a volume of 5 m3;
  • Ring;
  • Hot glue;
  • Cutting tool.

Make a hole in the bottle from the side of the lid. Insert the tube 3 cm inwards. Seal the connection. Unscrew the pear. Put a protective rubber ring on the penis opening.

Check the device before use. Eliminate existing gaps with hot melt glue. Check the function by building up the required pressure in the container.

To prevent pathogens from developing, treat your pump with an antibacterial drug before each use.

Medical experts recommend using reliable equipment from manufacturers with proven diagnostic expertise. Homemade vacuum pumps can not be useful, but cause serious damage to health.


Before using the vacuum pump, consult a specialist doctor. The device is contraindicated if the following indications are present:

  • Diabetes mellitus;
  • severe liver disease;
  • Kidney failure;
  • diseases of the head of the penis;
  • inflammatory processes of the genitourinary system;
  • a tendency to thrombosis.

Any discomfort from using the penis pump will require you to stop exercising.

Side effects

The vacuum pump creates a negative pressure around the penis. Blood rushes into this area and fills the erectile tissue. The result is immediately visible: the penis remains erect for a long time.

The trouble starts later.

  1. After exposure to vacuum, the penis painfully returns to its original shape. The performance of the device is not easy to regulate: lymph penetrates the tissue together with the blood. Edema occurs, which compresses the organ. You hurt a lot.
  2. The vacuum effect injures the sensitive skin of the glans. With an increase in pressure, a rupture of small capillaries is observed: cyanosis occurs, the development of secondary edema. Negative consequences require treatment by an andrologist.

When should you stop exercising?

Cases of Immediate Interruption of Pump Augmentation Sessions:

  • the formation of dark spots on the skin;
  • Swelling;
  • Congestion at the end of the penis;
  • Have erection problems.

Negative phenomena are observed with excessive inflation and non-compliance with the schedule of the meeting.


The working principle of the massage device developed in the middle of the 20th century has remained unchanged. The design of modern devices has changed a lot. The vacuum pump has become more powerful and safer. The compact device is gently regulated and reliably controlled.