Methods of penis enlargement

However, the real-life testimonies of men are proving that with the help of special exercises and simulators Penis is still possible. Folk remedies for penis enlargement qualitatively different from those that are offered by different manufacturers of drugs and special stretchers.

In the special composition of decoctions and infusions contain only natural ingredients that detoxify harmful to the organs. In today's publication of the safest methods to increase the Phallus, the increase to the change of the diameter and the length of the Penis and erection is considered.

The opinion of the experts

how to enlarge his Penis

If it is possible, the enlargement of the Penis in folk medicine? Specialists in the field of reproductive medicine and andrology, make sure the result is the most effective way for the correction of the size of the reproductive Organ plastic. They are not, however, exclude the possibility of the use of alternative resources with the goal of thickening and lengthening of the male member.

As it turned out, even with the help of decoctions and infusions on the Basis of medicinal plants and some products, you are able to understand your Penis by about 2-3 cm To as to why this is so, we need to some features of the structure and function of the male genitalia.

The Penis is composed of muscle tissue, sponge-like structures (corpora cavernosa), and blood vessels. During puberty in the body of the young is the large amount of male hormones, which starts the development of the genital organ. In turn, a lack of testosterone in the blood has a negative effect on the growth of tissue, whereby the parameters Phallus undergo minor changes. But to use when at the adult age for a long time, growth promoters, with time, it will inevitably lead to a lengthening and thickening of the Penis.

Traditional medicine offers some effective ways of correction of volume and length of the Penis. Manual therapy aims to improve the micro-circulation in the groin area, thus reducing the trophic tissue recovers. Acceleration of metabolic processes and the mechanical elongation of the Penis brings about the formation of new tissue-elements in a cavernous body. And this, in turn, leads finally to a lengthening and thickening of genital organ.

Methods of penis enlargement

According to the opinion of experienced men, Penis folk medicine – the easiest and safest method for the correction of the size of the Penis. The effectiveness of the therapy depends on the regularity of the use of certain growth promoters. To the most effective national procedures for penis enlargement:

  • Herbal medicine;
  • Mount of cargoes;
  • manual therapy (self-massage);
  • Vacuum Pressure;
  • eating a healthy diet.

To achieve the desired effect, we recommend the combination of several options, the correction of the Penis. It is desirable to listen to the advice of experienced men, and strictly all of the rules for the implementation of physiotherapeutic treatments.

It should be understood that the incorrect execution of exercises, disorders of blood circulation in the Penis, and tissue damage involves.

As a result, it can lead to sexual disorders or a reduction in the sensitivity of the head Phallus.


To increase special exercises Penis, but only in the case of the regular implementation of manual therapy. During the lesson, stretching Tissue tunics occurs, the surrounding cavernous body. In the course of time, the cavities fill with new structural elements, whereby the length and the diameter of the trunk member.

Before you enlarge Penis with the help of the exercises, it is advisable to have tissue in the groin area to warm-up to increase their elasticity. To do this, you can filled the bag with warm salt or hot compress. Improvement of blood circulation, you can fabric sure to Stretch, without fear of damage. During the self-massage you should the next series of exercises:

  • Hand in the head Phallus, drag it to the right, then go in end position open 1 Minute;
  • as you pull the sex organ to the left;
  • you grasp a member in the vicinity of the base;
  • slow direct motion, you turn the blood closer to the head of the Penis;
  • repeat the exercise at least 10-15 times, after that the Penis of the puree to get back in blood circulation.

To improve the sliding of the Finger on the root of the Phallus, a small amount of massage oil or Vaseline.

Exercises for penis enlargement, you need to "listen" to your body. During the self-massage does not occur in the Penis discomfort and pain should. To Phallus extend to 3-4 cm, do you do the Massage at least 3 times per day for the duration of half a year.


People lechebnik contains not less than 100 different receptors preparation of decoctions and infusions, to increase the size of you and the length and diameter of reproductive Organ. How to argue the proponents of folk medicine, herbal teas have a positive effect on erectile function and stimulate the production of male hormones in the body. To be sure Penis, with the help of special means, as a raw material for the preparation of beverages, we recommend the use of the following herbs:

  • Ginseng root – inhibits the synthesis of Cortisol inhibits the production of male hormones in the body;
  • Tribulus stimulates the body's production of specific hormones that help the release of testosterone in the blood;
  • Mugwort – raises the tone from blood vessels and thus increased blood flow to the Penis during the erection;
  • Ginger lowers the level of cholesterol in the body and prevents the clogging of the dorsal artery special Plaques;
  • Aloe normalizes the metabolic processes in the tissues, causing the process to accelerate the formation of new structural units of the corpora cavernosa.

Important! Before the folk medicine, ask your doctor, since some herbs can be allergic reactions and nausea.

With the help of home remedies will not only affect the parameters in the reproductive body, but also the male fertility may increase. In addition, use traditional recipes for the preparation of Bio-stimulants, it can affect the strength of your erection right before the sexual intercourse. Herbal teas increased sexual stamina and promote maximum filling of the cavernous bodies with blood.

Vacuum Pressure

the resources for penis enlargement

The means by which you can quickly enhance the scope of the Phallus? Vacuum therapy is the most reliable and effective method of increasing the genital organ. Traditionally, for the thickening of the stem of the Penis so-called vacuum pump. The essence of their work is a low pressure around the Penis, causing the tissue to literally "pulled" a large quantity of blood. So there is a stretching of the corpora cavernosa in the Penis, whereby the diameter is increased by 1-2 cm.

Such a vacuum pump, you can improvise. With tips from men, as a vacuum pump casually, you can ordinary glasses. "Work" on the principle of the medical doses, from which with the help of the burning wick is a part of the heated air. This, in turn, leads to a reduction of the atmospheric pressure in the interior of the container. The national method can be used not only during the treatment of common cold diseases, but also with the aim of increasing the volume of the Penis.

So banks use to penis enlargement, you must do the following:

  • wash the container with 1 L in soap solution;
  • Immerse cotton wool in alcohol, a small piece;
  • burning cotton wool to throw to the ground banks;
  • enter in the hole banks Penis;
  • press firmly on the Bank on the pubic area.

Within a few seconds fleece is extinguished, and discharged, cooled the air and begins to shrink. Air pressure is lower than the environment. In this context, the Penis tissue begin to rapidly fill with blood, causing the train-cavernous Tel. to not forget using the traditional methods of penis enlargement the own safety. In order to prevent injury to the tissue, they burn fleece only a small piece. Otherwise, it is possible the appearance of burns on the surface of the Penis.

Ceiling Suspension Cargo

Mounting of the load the easiest and most popular method of stretching Phallus is. As the weight of the bottles, which are filled with water is recommended. Before lifting the load, you need to warm up the tissue of the Penis in a manner described above. During the exercise, we must strictly abide by the following rules:

  • comfortable you make yourself comfortable on the edge of the bed, spread her legs a little;
  • wrap the stem of the member in the area of the head with an elastic bandage;
  • fasten the Bandage with a rubber band, thumbtack;
  • you give in a bottle with normal water;
  • tie one end of the rope to a bottle neck, and the second – to-metal concerns;
  • attach the clip on the elastic bandage and slowly stand up; do not stretch the member more than 10-15 minutes per day.

According to the practical observations, natural remedies, penis enlargement to be less effective than the traditional methods recognized by modern medicine. However, a member of the traditional methods is not increasing, they are risking their health undermined, what about the application of hormonal preparations and food supplements of dubious quality.

Means for penis enlargement

If a man needed a means of penis enlargement him not to worry: Pharmaceuticals produces a lot of money, which is really the dimensions of child-bearing Organ without surgery. Required only the drug pick up is, not having contra-indications that he was with the peculiarities of your organism.

Pills and drugs

In order to solve the Problem, in connection with weak erections, masculinity, different tablets, and all sorts of other medications that to the Penis-enlarging-in all directions.

Important! In addition to the provision of such funds to enhance Libido, increase eliminate, the likelihood of premature ejaculation, guaranteed to offer a lengthy-sensitive erection.

In search of a solution to the problem, you need to understand, which means to increase the member, without leading to side effects. Pay close attention to the ointments, both on natural and synthetic base.

Although the industry produces many different creams, for the correction of the dimensions of the Penis, not every agent is safe and effective. The analysis of the reviews of men, we have a list of the best Tools in this category. A temporary effect offer, others have a long-term impact, however, will require a regular application.

You are using a cream is very easy: first you read the instructions, just you with the required dosage, and then wear the necessary quantity of the means on the shaft of the Penis and perform the movement as in the Massage, allow you to RUB the cream into the skin. No rush, cause you to be careful and soft movements, but intense. Thanks to this member is not violated, the active components of the cream are attracted by high in your tissues.

Almost all of the gels, which are for increasing the size of your manhood, similar in the composition of the ingredients. They do not contain any active components, characterized by a warming or firming effect. Their concentration is minimal, because of the strong effect can lead to a complication in the Form of edema, skin rashes, burning, and scalding. Gels necessary to use, scrupulously respecting the instructions.

For a guaranteed increase in the size of genital organ, the use of subcutaneous injections recommend. These two ways of penis enlargement:

  • the use of hyaluronic acid;
  • Lipofilling.

We will consider any variant of such a Manipulation.

Hyaluronic acid

A similar procedure is used, an injection an injection under the skin of the Penis with special fillers, the basis of hyaluronic acid. These materials are completely compatible with the human tissues.

This method of increasing the size of your manhood is very convenient, because it does not require a hospital stay and General anesthesia. Short recovery period, a few days later, a man is capable to usual sexual life, although the hope for a long-lasting effect, it should not be.



If a man is afraid to enter under the skin of the Penis to plastics, to him, those technology – Lipofilling fit. The enlargement of the organ by an injection under the skin of a member of the own fat tissue, extracted from another part of the male body. The undoubted advantage of this method – the relative constancy of the achievable effect and safety.

Folk Remedies

Many effective means and complementary medicine for the growth of manhood:

  • Thyme. The plant should Grind, then boil and for the Information. Use the finished composition should be four months and drink it on an empty stomach and before bedtime.
  • Garlic. Pour rubbing alcohol teeth, finely chopped, good composition, mixing let the Information for ten days. Then you drink a day 25 drops of tincture 3 months.
  • Seeds of Artemisia. You need to pour over with water, then boil for 10 minutes, drain. After cooling, the liquid is drink.
  • The leaves of Ginkgo, hawthorn and Ginseng. Prepare a decoction of these components, RUB it on a daily basis in the Penis.
  • The Butter, the chopped asparagus and milk, mix in the liquid, add a bit of turnip and carrot seed, place to wait for the capacity on the fire, for the acquisition of dense consistency. RUB the ointment into the skin of a member.

This is the most popular recipes of the alternative therapies that can help you increase the genitals of the men. But the possibilities of the treatment of herbs are endless, you are a different effective decoction of medicinal plants.